NEW Year, NEW Hope

I was forgiven by forgiving many things Including my childhood so long ago I was healed, though I intended to heal I’ve just noticed, in the way That I was saved by love Though I tried to keep love away


We are surrounded by textures…

Peacock’s Story

Who don’t like peacock? He has beautiful tail which can spread like a fan. Everyone gaze in admiration… Admire his feathers line with shades of blue, gold and green. This week’s theme Split Second Story.

Spring! SOLO Menari 2014

My country Indonesia don’t have spring season, we only have summer and rainy. So I described spring like festivals which held anually in my hometown, Surakarta or known as Solo.

Threshold : La Kana

A threshold is a point of entering, that point just before a new beginning.

Abandoned : Kota Lama

Indonesia has many old building built during the reign of the Dutch. Unfortunately, they have been abandoned.