A Day in My Life : Yogya

A Day in My Life. Another multi-photo challenge! Make sure you include picture captions to explain to people what they’re seeing, and experiment with the tiled galleries.

Yogyakarta is a very managable city. I went from Solo to Jogja used the train that stopped at Tugu train Station. I walked from station to Malioboro street and I stopped at the Benteng Vredeburg. I continued walking towards Taman Sari and see the amazing underground mosque. It’s time for lunch… I bought fried Indomie with iced tea for my lunch. I continued my trip to KotaGede by bus. As you know, KotaGede is not the place that sell silvers everywhere, this place has the stunning old buildings. I surrounded KotaGede for one hour and honestly it was not enough. I had to go back to Tugu train Station and had to catch my train back to Solo. 🙂


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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Bams Triwoko says:

    Excellent captured mas… 😀
    – Wah… ‘hunting’ ke Jogya ya mas ? Happy Easter –

    1. Iya om Bam… Kmrn habis dari Jogja muter seharian, dan inilah hasilnya hehe… 🙂
      Happy Easter too.

  2. Wah..ketemu lagi yang Indonesia..hehehehe.

    1. Salam kenal dari Solo, pak 🙂

    2. Deket dong..Hehehe

      Salam kenal juga dari Semarang.

  3. Teuku Zamer says:

    Penasaran sekali dengan underground mosque. Jadi kepengen ke sana.
    Fotonya mantap-mantap mas ! 😀

    1. Terima kasih kawan… 🙂
      Underground mosque letaknya nggak jauh dari Taman Sari, bisa bertanya ke penduduk setempat biar nggak nyasar hehe.

    2. Teuku Zamer says:

      Ooo gitu ya mas ! Oke lah , kapan2 ke Jogja, tempat yang pertama kali akan saya samperin adalah masjid ini. Makasih info nya mas 😀

  4. Badai says:

    keren! baru tau ada weekly photo challenge, jadi pengen ikutan 🙂

    1. Bisa diklik link yang tersedia untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut photo challenge-nya 😀

    2. Badai says:

      siap! 🙂

    1. Thank you Amar 🙂

  5. chiemayindah says:

    Mantap mas foto-nya.. Saya kalau ke Jogja paling pingin ke Taman Sari.. Penasaran.. hehehe
    btw, apapun fotonya, makanannya tetap Indomie ya…. *toss* 😀

    1. Indomie memang tetap di hati hihihi…. *toss juga* 🙂

  6. That is a wonderful day full of amazing and fun sights. And the food….yummy!

    1. Yeah…that’s an amazing day of my life. I love Yogyakarta and Indomie 😀

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