Weekly Photo Challenge : HOME

Home is a place where I feel comfortable living in it…

When i was in Taman Sari – Yogyakarta, I felt the place was a right place for stayed and practiced yoga…

I wish I can build my own HOME like Taman Sari in the middle of nowhere…

Taman Sari
Taman Sari

This weekly photo challenge theme is HOME

9 Comments Add yours

    1. Yes, that is an old building in Yogyakarta 🙂

  1. Cumi MzToro says:

    Suka banget ama foto ini

  2. Dulu ke sini gak nemu tempat ini…ato karena kesorean ya…

    1. Tempat ini buka sampai sore…letaknya di tengah-tengah Taman Sari Baru dan Taman Sari Lama, masuk semacam terowongan dan ketemulah bangunan yang dulu berfunsgi sebagai masjid ini 🙂

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